About Us

The Saratoga Senior Center is a non-profit, non-residential community center located in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs. Adults age 50 and over can join for only $25 a year and participate in programs, trips & social activities tailored to adults and seniors. Those striving to maintain an independent lifestyle can make new friends, share in a meal, play a game, exercise, take a class or learn a new skill. The social interaction provided at the Center is essential to physical and mental health.

Our Mission

Since 1955 the mission of the Saratoga Senior Center is to empower seniors to achieve and maintain personal independence and individual well-being by providing the program structure and support services necessary for healthy recreation, companionship, social involvement, and problem solving.

Our History

Founded as the Golden Age Club on March 28, 1955, the Center started with just 35 members. The group purchased their own building at 162 Circular Street in 1960. “Here people use, for the first time perhaps, skills they never knew they had. Here they find comfort, warmth, friendship, love. Here they can make friends with others,” said one of the first speakers at a meeting in 1955. A larger and more modern facility named The Robert Gass Senior Center was erected in May of 1979 at 5 Williams Street, named after the city assessor who was instrumental in the growth of the Center. The facility continued to grow with the Kilmer addition in the early 1990’s. Learn more about our history from the Skidmore MDOCS Documentary below or visit the exhibit page here.

Our Staff

Lois Celeste / Executive Director, Ext. 201
Tawn Malison / Associate Director, Ext. 202
Colleen Kelley / Program Director, Ext. 203
Jody Miller / Finance Manager, Ext. 204
Phil Di Sorbo/ Advocate, Ext. 206
Brigitte Hamel / Grants Manager, Ext. 208
Lawrence Barisic / Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, Ext. 209
JoAnn Hedges, Front Desk Associate, Ext. 200
Kris Wurl, Front Desk Associate, Ext. 200
Joe Floeser, Transportation/Driver, Ext. 210

Our Board of Directors

Michael D. Billok, Esq., President 
Raymond Bryan, Vice President 
Bob Crandall, Treasurer 
Angie Sultan 
Charles Amodio
Annamaria Bellantoni 
Mary Lentini 
Brendan O’Hara 
Tommy Uccellini 
Ellen Brodie
Joe Hermann 
Kate Jarosh 
Elaine Sillery
Clark Brink 
Kelly Ferguson
Christopher Myers

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