Activities & Classes

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The Saratoga Senior Center has an array of activities and classes for members that present opportunity for physical and mental growth. Try your hand at something new or rediscover a favorite craft, meet new people and have fun! Class Scholarships: We offer scholarships to members who cannot afford to participate in classes with fees. Please see the Front Desk.

Saratoga Arts made our arts programming possible through the Community Arts Regrant Program, funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

• Every Day. 1:00 Men's Pool League


• Every Monday:

9:00: Tai Chi

9:00: Open Ping Pong 

9:00: Walking Club

10:00: Healthy Bones

10:00: Chair Yoga 

12:30: Beginner Spanish

12:00: Bridge 

1:00: Resistance Bands 

1:00: Chit Chat 


• Every Tuesday

9:00: Golf League

9:00: Poker 

9:00: Silver Sneakers Classic 

9:30: Mahjong

10:00: Meditation 

11:00: Gental Yoga

12:00: Intermediate/Advanced Clay Arts

12:15: Silver Sneakers Stability 

12:30: American Mahjong

1:30: Soul Line Dancing


• Every Wednesday

9:00: Poker 

9:00: Pinochle

9:30: Mosaics

9:30: Rug Hooking 

10:00: Knit & Crochet

10:00: Zumba 

12:30: Canasta

1:00: Bingo

1:00: Strength w/Aidan 

1:00: Guitar Lessons


• Every Thursday

9:00: Women's Pool 

9:05: Bokwa 

10:00: Silver Sneakers Classic 

10:00: Ukelele 

11:00: Foodbank 

12:30: Chinese & American Mahjong 

1:00: Belly Dance

1:00: Spanish Review (No class on 6/6)

1:00: Poker

2:30: Country Line Dancing (No class on 6/20 & 627)


• Every Friday:

9:00: Poker

9:00: Advanced Clay Arts

10:00: Healthy Bones

11:30: Slow & Steady Yoga Flow

1:00: Silver Sneakers Circuit

One-on-One Tech Assistance
Did you receive a new phone, iPad, laptop or smartwatch? Do you want to learn Facebook, Instagram, or something new? Let our savvy students help you. Call front desk to make your private appointment.

Clubs and Peer Groups

Book Club. New Members Welcome! 

Tuesday, June 25 at 3 pm

This months book is TBD during book club on 5/28

All of the following support and peer groups are for both members & non-members to attend


Memory Cafe facilitated by the Alzheimer Association of Northeastern NY

11am-12:30pm | 1st Friday of every month. (June 7)

The memory café offers a supportive, welcoming environment for caregivers and their loved ones who are experiencing memory loss due to Alzheimer’s or another dementia. You can expect a judgment-free zone, the opportunity to connect with others, light refreshments and simple, yet meaningful and engaging activities.


Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group facilitated by the Alzheimer Association of Northeastern NY

11am-12:30pm | 2nd Friday of every month. (This month it will take place on the third Friday, June 21)

Being a caregiver can present exhausting challenges and take a significant toll on your health. Support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. This support group provides an opprotunity for caregivers to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about this disease. 

Alzhimer's Support Group sponsored by Leon Goldberg's Charitable Trust 


Grief and Loss Support & Discussion Group facilitated by Lois Streit, MSW. 

2pm-3pm | 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month (June 11 & 25)

Whatever type of loss you've suffered, there's no right or wrong way to grieve. Often, the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. Any loss can cause grief. The purpose of this group is to provide friendship, understanding, and hope. 


Parkinsons Support & Discussion Group facilitated by Gordon Blyth & Marie Thorne 

2:30 pm | 3rd Monday of every month (June 17)

This is a community of people impacted by Parkinson's designed to help you make meaningful connections, engage in important dialogue, find useful resources and build long-lasting relationships. 


Saratoga Hospital Bariatric Support Group

6pm-8pm | Monday, June 3

The Bariatric Support Group is for patients who have gone through bariatric surgery or are considering surgery. No need to register just show up!


Chit Chat

1pm | Every Monday 

Chit Chat is a peer support group. Come and engage in conversation with other members. Each week different topics are covered and discussed.