All the events and classes offered at the Saratoga Senior Center are described in a monthly newsletter. You'll find special events such as classes, trips and the featured restaurant of our Monthly Dinner. The calendar includes both special events and activities offered every week of the year.

The newsletter is sent out by the first of every month. Members can choose to receive it either by traditional mail or email. If you aren't a member, but are curious about our programs, you can either download it from the link below or pick one up at numerous locations around Saratoga, such as the Public Library, YMCA, Visitor's Center and in the lobbies of Stonequist, Westview, Embury, Woodlawn, and Kirby Road Apartments.

If you are a business interested in supporting the Center with an ad in our newsletter, go to the "Sponsorship" page on this website for prices and information.

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