What is our Senior Life Transition Program?
A coaching, advocacy, navigation, and support service available to persons aged 50 and over living in or near Saratoga County, NY, and facing serious illness or advancing health conditions. This program seeks to apply the core principles of palliative care to seniors receiving a serious illness diagnosis, or whose lives are impacted by progressive disease. This may be cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or any other serious illness or potentially life threatening condition. The goal of the program is to foster independence, wellness, and personal growth in the midst of changing life circumstances. Assistance is provided to meet current needs, and to address planning for aging-in-place with serious illness.

Services provided through our Senior Life Transition Program:


  • Support for adjusting to life's changes                                                           
  • Referral to arrange home care services 
  • Coaching to strengthen ways of coping 
  • Securing services based on eligibility 
  • Assistance applying for respite grants
  • Accessing Elder Care Legal assistance 
  • Understanding and accessing both Palliative Care and Hospice, as appropriate 
  • Advocacy with healthcare providers
  • Help addressing home safety measures 
  • Help building a home care support team
  • Arranging support services (rides, food)
  • Developing an Aging-in-Place plan 
  • Understanding advance directives 




How do I get started? Contact Phil Di Sorbo, MS, BCPA at (518) 584 -1621 ext. 2011 or email at phild@saratogaseniorcenter.org

Phil is a Board Certified Patient Advocate, a former Director of a Medicare Certified Hospice, and an experienced Manager of Palliative Care Programs. 

Does this service have a cost? There are no set fees. Donations are suggested, but not required.

Senior Life Transitions supported by: Individual, Organizational and Corporate Sponsors; Grants; Donations.